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The difference between laminates and real wood flooring in the home

Wooden flooring looks fantastic around the home, and can add a real upmarket look and feel to any home. However, the differences between good quality laminates and real wood can be harder to interpret. Cheap laminates are easily distinguishable from real wood, however, modern high quality laminates achieve a similar look to real wood, so, what should you choose?.

Real Wood flooring is more expensive then laminate, purely because real wood is exactly what it says it is, whilst laminate tends to be a chipboard based wood with a laminated (waterproof) surface. So what should you choose?. Real wood is more expensive at the outset but, it offers great long term savings as real wood has a much longer life span then laminated flooring and is far more durable.

You should consider laminates over real wood if you are on a budget. Laminate wood is cost effective and looks great, but, only good quality laminates should be used. Poor quality laminate flooring quite often does not join together well enough to form an even waterproof surface between the wood joints, leading to the chipboard absorbing water and moisture which over time causes the floor to bow. Cheap laminates often expand and are also prone to splitting and chipping.

Real wood is always the better choice if you are happy to spend more at the outlay but save in the long run. Real wood looks fantastic, is hard wearing, and is not always classed as high maintenance.

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